“Learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere”


SAFETY - OUR #1 PRIORITY! STAFF TRAINING:  A large percentage of our staff are currently trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR. Several staff members are trained in advanced First Aid and CPR. All new staff attend a three-hour intensive training class for nursery school teachers and assistants. Training is ongoing each year through local seminars and staff meetings. BUILDING SECURITY:  We keep all of our doors locked. Our entrance has glass doors, which are visible from our office. Visitors are greeted by a staff member. Parents are always welcome to visit the school. DISMISSAL:  Children are dismissed one at a time to their parents. Parents fill out a form giving the names of friends and relatives that are allowed to pick up their child. Children will only be released to people that are on their list. SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed inside the school, or on any school grounds, by order of the Suffolk County Department of Health. For everyone's safety, this ruling is strictly enforced.
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