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“Learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere”

Classes and Programs

Mommy & Me

Baby play groups, Toddler Programs, Separation Classes. Program is build around movement to music and fun crafts! For more information on our Mommy & Me classes go to our website. http://mommynmeclasses.com/

Calling all Young Toddlers

Ages 18 to 24 months. This is a great intimate class. We focus on listening, understanding. conversation skills, sharing with others and making new friends. Learning to use our words to express our needs/selves. We have music time with many different instruments, as well as, arts and crafts. Fun with bubbles and story time with puppets. Your child will learn social skills while enjoying making new friends and having fun like a big kid! The program is twice a week very reasonable rates.


Ages 2 to 5 years old. Am & PM Classes. Fun, Loving, Energetic Environment. Singing, Dancing, Arts and Crafts. Interactive Story time and Imaginative Play. Plenty of Socialization and Making New Friends. Introduction to sign language and spanish. A Fun filled Academic Curriculum which will get your child ready for Kindergarten. Potty Trained Not Required and Yes Sick days you can make up.

Pre K Classes AM and PM

Developing an awareness of letters --Recognizing that letters have specific sounds --Awareness of the relationship of “letters to words” and “words to sentences” --Developing a basic vocabulary set by listening to and identifying unknown words in stories --Recognizing basic sight words in text Developing a strong number sense --Identifying numbers up to twenty --Expressing different ways to represent numbers up to twenty --Ability to sort and organize objects based on different attributes --Recognizing basic shapes and units for measurement, time, and weight

Drop and Shop Saturday

This is a time that your child can have play dates here at the school while parents can relax and or do some shopping. $8.50 an hour, ask about sibling discounts.  Sign up is required.

Drop Off Night

Thursday and Saturday night we offer a baby sitting service from 5:30 until 8:30pm. For three hours your child will  enjoy free play, a craft and snack. Children of the age of two and up are welcome. $10 an hour, ask about sibling discounts. Sign up is required.
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Little Frogs

Each week your child will have fun making a craft, learning a word in sign language and having fun with bubbles,  playing with the parachute and enjoy movement to music. Additional elements we include in our classes:The instructor discusses a hot topic that the group would like to talk about.  We also provide a healthy snack for your little one and a healthy recipe, a simple dish you can make at home with your little one.

Let’s Talk on Tuesday

Please call the school for days and times. Play-dates for moms and kids! Enjoy a HOT cup of coffee for one hour every Tuesday at Crazy Beans! Drop your child at Wisdom Tree Preschool at 10am and go have a cup of coffee with some other moms from the area. 10% of the proceeds from the class with go to STOMP Out Bullying. For: Children ages 18 months and up! Price: $7 per child Join with a friend and it’s $10 for both children! Wisdom Tree Preschool and Crazy Beans Coffee house are both  located on RT25A in Miller Place, NY

Preparing for Preschool

2 years old and older Description: This is a great class to get your child ready for preschool. The class focus on circle time, that includes learning their name, weather, days of the week, upcoming holidays, standing for the Flag, etc. The class also includes educational theme stories and crafts that works on your child fine motor skills and following directions. Themes that we cover are feelings, using our manners and words, potty time, its ok for mommy or daddy to leave because they always come back, making new friends/socializing. Imaginary play with music. Parents are welcome to stay. We provide a snack and we ask you to please have a drink for your little one.

Baby Bunnies

5 months and older Description: A wonderful time when your focus is on your baby and nothing else.  Senses are awakened through movement to music, playtime, story time, parachute, bubbles and activities planned for your child's age group.  Puppets are especially popular at this age.  We also offer an introduction to sign language, a great time for your little to learn another way to communicate with you and a craft and snack is provided.

For More Information

Please visit our facebook for more information on our programs and current events.

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Seperation Classes

The main goal of the class is to teacher your chid that it is ok to be away from you. The separation class works through a gentle process that helps "bridge the gap" during that difficult time between being with mom, going to preschool alone or having a new babysitter. We emphasis on letters, colors, and number recognition as well as movement to music and theme story and craft time. A snack is provided however we ask parents to please have children come with a drink. For additional details regarding the class please give us a call.

Summer Camp for 2 Years and older

Our summer camp program provides your child with fun, hands-on experiences including arts and crafts, learning activities, games, music, and weekly themed activities. Our camp allows children to enjoy summer wile keeping their mind and body active. Past campers enjoyed making new friends while having fun each day. There will be lots of learning and exploring, all while having fun!

Wisdom Tree Preschool