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“Learning is a treasure that will follow you everywhere”


CHILD-CENTERED POLICIES DIAPERS ALWAYS WELCOME means just that! At The Wisdom Tree Preschool, we do not feel that a child has to be toilet trained to be ready to attend school. If a child needs their diaper changed during class time, our staff will change the child's diaper using sanitary methods, and positive language. No child is ever made to feel uncomfortable for needing a diaper changed. CHILDREN JUST OUT OF DIAPERS often have "wetting accidents." This is a natural part of the toilet training experience. Our staff makes every effort to keep your child happy and comfortable. Spare clothing is always available, and children are reassured that "everyone has accidents sometimes." OUR SLOW SEPARATION POLICY is very important for many children. Starting school is a big step, and for some children it can be a little frightening at first. It helps a child to know that their mom (or caretaker) can stay while they get used to school. Once they are familiar with the routine, and learn to trust their teachers, separation goes very smoothly. We feel that it is very important to respect children's feelings, and allow them to separate at their own pace. We offer this class in our Mommy and Me program.
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